So you have a coffee habit. 

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So you have a coffee habit. 

I used to own a coffee shop before I became lean FIRE. So I guess that makes me kinda a coffee expert? Freshly air roasted coffee perfectly brewed is simply unbeatable. Three different roast levels perfectly timed under the right pressure to produce the best espresso…I miss that sometimes. But I have goals and those goals far outweigh the perfect cup. So gasp… I now drink Costco pre-ground coffee. I can say I’ve gotten used to it and I don’t feel like I’m missing out that much. It tastes on par with coffee at McDonalds. Not the best but good enough to get the job done. I still work as a operating room nurse about 16 days a month. I do shift work mostly nights these days so coffee is a must although at some point I do plan to give it up. But in the mean time I have found a cheap solution to address my habit and stay on track with my Fat FIRE goals. Lets talk about numbers yay!

I brew my coffee with a french press. I paid $20 for it and based on research it should last 10 years with daily use. So $20 divided by 3,650 uses is about half a penny per use. I buy the 1.36kg pre ground Costco coffee at $12 that will yield me 80 cups of coffee (I like it strong). Doing the math each cup of coffee will cost 15.005cents. Which is much cheaper than the 60 cent disposable pods (plus machine cost) and the small $2.00 cups coffee at retail. 

If you do not have access to Costco or just prefer fresh coffee, buying fresh whole bean coffee is the next best thing. You should be able to get a pound  of whole bean fresh roasted coffee for $10 (if not you are paying too much!). Grind it in store and that will give you about 45 cent cups of coffee. 

Someday when I stop doing shift work I will give up coffee but for now I am happy with my 15.005 cent cups of coffee.   

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  1. I love my French Press. Now I know what I have been missing. Those beautiful brown frothy bubbles and a taste that is outta this world. This is as close to coffee cupping as you can get too. Attempting to get me to go back to a plastic coffee maker with paper filters would be near impossible. I will be ahead of the game when the power goes out and Im outside boiling water for my coffee.

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