Grow a garden to save money. I have heard that over and over. Frankly my time is not worth starting a garden. It’s labour intensive and time communing. Perhaps when I’m retired I will consider it. Working as a nurse for 2-3 hours will negate any savings from the countless hours spent in the garden. So from a financial perspective I’m out. However, having a garden does have other benefits such as organic produce and the convenience of having fresh food available.

But what about micro greens? It can be set up to be almost fully automated, grows delicious vegetables in about 10 days and can be grown indoors all year round.  Personally I grow beans, peas, kale, broccoli, parsley, basil, cilantro, beets, arugula all in micro green form. I also grow lettuces to full height as well.

I order my micro green seeds in 25kg bags from a farm (Mumms) in Canada via Canada post. Generally I can grow a pound of micro greens for about $1.10 (including electricity, seed and soil cost and depreciation of equipment) . Compare that to a pound of spinach at 8.99 retail. It also takes about 3 mins to plant and harvest each tray. Watering is automatic using a dual tray system like this one. So I have all the benefits of gardening without the labour and headache.

I use micro greens to makes salads, smoothie additions and on my Tacos. They are packed with nutrients and in most cases have several times the nutrient density then their full grown counterparts.

Micro greens do not have the downsides of gardening. They are cheap to grow and mature in about 10 days. Let me know if you would consider growing micro greens to replace a significant amount of your veggie consumption.

My set up. Costco wire shelve on casters with regular garage lights on timers. I have a few grow lights as well. I find with micro greens the garage lights work just as good as the grow lights. Both types of lights are LED and produce no heat and uses as little as 18 watts per light.

IMG_1509 2

Some bok choy and tomatoes I experimented with. On the right side a salad mix tray.


Peas, beans parsley, cilantro and basil.


Harvesting pea sprouts


I let this batch of peas get a little over grown (about 14 days after planting)



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