Easy Vegan Breakfast


Buckwheat, frozen mixed berries, coconut yogurt and granola Jars

I make my breakfasts ahead of time to last 3 days. These breakfast Jars are easy and satisfying.

  1. I start by cooking 1 cup of raw buckwheat (about $2 per cup) in 2 cups water. I bring to a boil and let it simmer for 10 mins.
  2. While the buckwheat is cooking I start cooking my lunches and dinners for the next 3 days. More on this in future blogs.
  3. Now that the buckwheat is cooked I divide it up into thirds to put in 1 litre mason jars. Next I put about 1 cup of mixed berries ($0.50) onto of the buckwheat followed by 200 grams of coconut yogurt ($2.00).
  4. I keep a bag of granola in my car so when I grab a jar from the fridge on my way to work I won’t forget the granola lol.

The total cost for each Jar is approximately $3.50. Β Each Jar has 600 calories and 18 grams of protein.

I am a very picky eater and tend to eat more when I’m stressed (which is a lot since I’m a nurse). So needless to say getting my food budget under control is a very tough task for me. I envy the person that can eat the same simple foods every day. I have recently began to make my food ahead of time by 3 days. I have had a few failures such as recipes that didn’t turn out the best and having excess food waste. However, I have began to make less and less mistakes in the last few weeks since I started doing this. Going forward I think I can optimize the food prep and hopefully spend less than $15 a day on food. Anyways to keep myself on track I will post regularly on the foods I make and how it works out.


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