My First $45 Dollar Hair Cut

By Mr. GiveMeFi

Last year I stopped getting my hair cut professionally. I bought a $45 hair cutting professional series kit from amazon. I watched some Youtube videos then attempted to cut my own hair. It actually was pretty easy and turned out well, although Ms. GiveMeFi  had to help with the back and fine tune some trimming. But after some practice I can cut my hair unassisted in about 5 mins.

I suspect the trimmer I bought will last at least 10 years. Previously,  I would spend $35 per hair cut with tip (about $210 a year on average).  If I invest that $210 per year over ten years in an index fund at 10% I would have $3,500. Using the 4% rule by cutting my own hair I have reduced the amount needed to retire by $5,250 (210 x 25) , so by simply cutting my own hair I can now retire several months sooner. Something seemingly  so small can have significant changes on your retired optional date.  MMM has a great Youtube video on how to cut your hair.

Happy Thursday

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