The $45 dollar hair cut

By Mr. GiveMeFi

Last year I stopped going to the Barber. I honestly hate getting my hair cut, oh the hassle. I have to book an appointment then I have to sit in the chair awkwardly while holding a conversation for 20-30 mins.  I’m not good with small talk. Thankfully I live with in walking distance to a hair cutting place so I don’t have to contend with traffic and parking fiascos. Anyway, last year I finally had the courage to cut my own hair, mostly because I work in the Operating Room so if I screw up I can cover it with a scrub cap.

I bought a $45 hair cutting professional series kit from amazon. I watched some Youtube then attempted to cut my own hair. It actually was pretty easy and turned out well, although Ms. GiveMeFi  had to help with the back and fine tune some trimming. But After some practice I am now able to cut my hair unassisted in about 20 mins.

So I save time and awkward experiences by cutting my own hair, but how much money do I save over a 10 year period? I suspect the trimmer I bought will last at least 10 years.  I would spend $35 per hair cut with tip. Usually I get a hair cut every 2 months so I would spend $210 a year on hair cuts. If I invest that $210 per year over ten years in an index fund at 10% I would have $3,500.  Not bad, especially since I hate going to the barber regardless of how much money I save. My only regret is that I didn’t start doing this sooner. MMM has a great Youtube video on how to cut your hair.

Happy Thursday

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