Latest Vacation Spot with the new camping set up


Just sitting on a picnic table at the Miracle Beach campground today as I write this blog post. Just the right amount of sun with a light breeze. What a perfect day. No worries today. Just went camping for the one night. Total cost $90 including gas to drive 500 km round trip, camping fees as well as wear and tear on the car. 

So I got to test out the new car camping set up. I removed the back seats completely from my Toyota Corolla to make way for a bed. Pretty proud that we can now sleep two people comfortably in a small sedan car.  Check out the pictures below of how it’s built. 

Material used: 4’ x 8’ sheet of 3/4 inch plywood, 2 x 2x4x8’ ,some hinges and screws. For the window covers I used some reflectix and black landscape fabric glued to the back. 

This set up allows me to take last minute camping trips. Bonus I have the option of not needing to book a campsite as I can sleep just about anywhere with this stealthy set up. Also I can still sit 2 passengers in the back seat with the way it is designed in case you are wondering 🙂


Happy Thursday 

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