$13 a month cell phone plan

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In Canada we have relatively more expensive plans than the United States. So it can be difficult to find a reliable and affordable phone plan. I recently switched from Rogers to Public Mobile .

Previous phone company, Rogers:

  • Paying $45 a month plus $5.14 in taxes and fees
  • Unlimited calling and text plus 500mb data
  • To get this plan, phone needs to be owned out right
  • Had to call retention department-30mins on hold to request this plan (2 years ago)

Current phone company, Public Mobile (owned by Telus):

  • $13 a month for unlimited text and incoming calls as well as 250mb data
  • Must own your own phone out right
  • Have to preorder sim card (about $12)
  • Took 10 mins to port phone number from Rogers to Public Mobile.
  • Once phone number is ported over account is automatically closed with Rogers

What about phone cost? 

So both companies and price points require the customer to own their phone outright. I will usually buy a refurbished iPhone for about $200-300 every 3 years or so. So this works out to be $5.60 a month. So with Public Mobile I am paying $13 a month plus my own phone cost of $5.60 a month for a total of $18.60/month. To get a similar phone included with the required phone plan with Rogers, I would have to be paying $75 a month plus fees of ~$8. That’s $83 a month! So I am effectively saving $65 a month by owning my phone outright being with Public Mobile. Now I enjoy the iPhone but you certainly can get a much cheaper refurbished phone. I can generally find refurbished unlocked iPhones on bestbuy.ca (I included current screen shots below).

Now many of the nurses I work with have much more expensive phone plans because they get the newest iPhone every year with unlimited data. Some of them are paying upwards of $140 a month!

Reoccurring monthly expenses are important to address in an intentional way because they can have a significant effect on your retirement date. By saving $65 a month I have reduced the amount needed for retirement by $19,500 (using the 4% rule $65x 300=19500). So, given my current savings rate, I can stop working ~5 months sooner just by switching phone companies!

My Public Mobile account page explained. 

The base plan is $15 a month. However, I signed up with auto pay (available to everyone) so I get $2 off my plan per month. As well they gave me a $10 credit to be applied to next months bill. The longer you are a customer, the higher the discount. Right now if you are with the company for 5 years they will give you an additional $5/month off your bill. So you could be paying as little as $8/month over time. If you are willing to help out the community message board then potentially your phone bill could be zero. If you need more data or outgoing minutes then they have a pretty good $25/month plan as well. I hope this post was helpful in helping you be more efficient with your money.


If you enjoyed this article please consider using my referral code: YYP7RY 


Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 8.55.16 AMScreen Shot 2019-09-02 at 8.54.57 AM

Bestbuy.ca for refurbished phones

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 9.22.22 AM.png

Refurbished iPhone 7 bestbuy.ca

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 9.48.14 AM.png


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