Numbers Revealed

Well, it’s 2020 and this year I am financially independent. Woo hoo!

Just over 5 years ago I was $75,000 in debt. Back then I decided to forget everything about money that was taught to me and start again. I started to learn from people who demonstrated personal financial expertise themselves, also they could not benefit in anyway from me.  So, I couldn’t trust financial advisors, or my broke friends and family for advice at the time (no offence to my friends and family because I know they mean well). I also could not trust any kind of paid advertising about investing (and neither should you). So I began to look for mentors and role models that fit the bill.

I started reading the following blogs: Mr Money Mustache, Millennial Revolution, Incoming assets (local Vancouver couple), as well as joined financial groups where we could openly talk about money and real-estate.

Never in history has it been so easy to retire early, especially in Canada. Retiring is no longer an age but a number, and I  hit that number in only 5 years. So here are the numbers:

My passive income:

Net Rental income: $14,000 per year

Investment portfolio income: $23,800 per year

Total passive income: $37,800 per year 

That $37,800 I have to say is completely tax free. In Canada it is possible to earn nearly 100k a year (sometimes more) from investments completely tax free. This knowledge is so powerful, to demonstrate this with an example: A person making 50k a year in Canada from “normal” employment will net about $39500 after taxes, CPP and EI. Also they will have expenses related to employment such as clothes, transportation, etc. So my passive income stream is as fruitful as a person making $50,000 a year! Damn that money is working hard!

My expenses per year:

Housing:  $0  (I get paid to live since I have renters and house hacked)

Food: $6000

Car: $2892 (I drive an older Toyota and do all the maintenance my self)

Optional travel and entertainment: $8,000 (includes two cruises a year plus various camping and mini vacation trips)

Phone: $300

Clothes: $500 (spent on camping and hiking clothing mostly)

Misc: $3500 (professional nursing license dues, accounting, and donations)

Total expenses: $21,192 per year

I spent a total of $21,192 per year, which leaves me with a generous $16,608 yearly surplus should the market temporarily correct and/or my expenses go up. Fortunately, my health care is covered in Canada, so I won’t have any surprise expenses there.

So the big question is, do I go into work tomorrow and quit my job?

Happy Tuesday





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