So did I Retire Before 30?

I revealed my numbers last week and I am happy to say I’m in a position to retire.  My passive income far exceeds my expenses even with my optional $8,000 a year travel budget. So what is retirement in the FIRE space and did I retire?

Retirement for me means slowing down and enjoying what you do while not needing to work for money. So did I retire? Well sort of!  I didn’t quit my OR nursing job last Tuesday. However, I  went down to part-time. I’m now working an average of 28 hours per week. I like what I do in the Operating Room, just not full time. The social interaction and feeling of team work in the OR provides a great level of satisfaction in my life. It’s like being in an exclusive club everybody wishes they could be a part of. It explains why so many people who retire from the OR come back to work part-time or on a casual basis. Going through this journey of FIRE, I’m starting to realize that retirement is not a binary concept. I think you can still earn money from work that you love while considered retired. The goal of FIRE is to become financially independent. The retired early part is always optional.

I’m going to try this working part-time thing and see how it goes; it will allow some time to try other creative avenues. As time goes on I’m likely to go casual and therefore, work maybe 4 or 5 shifts a month just to keep up with what’s going on in the OR and keep my nursing license active. For right now though, I’m slowing down and figuring out what my post retirement life will look like.

Happy Friday


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